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The Royelles Revolution Is Here!

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Dear Girl Crusaders,

When I created Royelles, I had the girl in me and the girl in my life in mind. My 10 year old daughter Zara, is a gamer,... but she doesn’t play like her brother does. Building something in Minecraft, jumping through hoops in Roblox, or shooting at something in Fortnite has high entertainment value - but Zara, is looking for something DIFFERENT.

You see,… Girls love gaming, but girls game differently and want MORE from those experiences.

That’s been evident with the hundreds I have worked with… and certainly with their moms (and dads, educators, mentors and champions) who share my concerns about the amount of time our girls are spending on their mobile devices these days, and the disproportionately negative impact that time has had on their mindsets.

I think gaming companies today are missing the mark on something profound - the power of Play to be inclusive, empowering and TRANSFORMATIONAL. So,… I set out to build a gaming company… FOR GIRLS! Where the typical aspects of play - the Creativity & Connectivity, are fundamental to a much more POWERFUL and HOLISTIC experience for girl gamers. After several long months ,navigating a global pandemic, we finally launched what we think will forever change how 21st century girls create, connect, learn and have FUN!

We’ve built the Royelles mobile gaming platform around STEAM and leadership-focused adventures.

Our very first gamified experience is centered around MARA….a fierce girl, born into royalty, being groomed by the matriarchs in her life, to lead, as the first female commander of their peace-keeping forces. Like all our girls - MARA has a big, radical dream for herself - to be on the first human mission to Mars!

The girl gamer can delve into this adventure in a myriad of ways: MARA’s story - which is narrated by a real-life NASA scientist;… 1:1 chat exchanges with MARA on a variety of meaningful, thought-provoking topics. She can customize MARA’s avatar to see more of herself reflected in play. She can listen in on conversations that MARA has with her role models and even take a peak into a Day In the REAL Life of these trailblazers, change makers, ceiling smashers and disruptors in STEAM - fierce leaders that have been down that aspirational path and are thriving by just being themselves!

The gaming experience that we’ve built, ignites girls’ curiosity and confidence about life paths in science, tech, engineering, the arts and math. It bridges the gap between the reality of who she is and her dreams. It connects the dots to what is possible for girls in a way that NO OTHER mobile gaming experience on the market, has done before.

Royelles is MORE than just gaming for girls. Royelles, is a REVOLUTION. Anchored in play experiences that encourage 21st century girls to tap into their authenticity, their passion and innate talents as THE pathway to all that they can become in STEAM.

The entire experience, powered by Mobile and immersive technologies like AR, AI and Voice, makes gaming time something that any parent, educator or girl champion can feel great about!

At Royelles - we’re on a mission to ignite 1million+ girls to realize their greatest potential. We’re really excited that the Royelles Gaming For Girls mobile app is finally available in the App Store and with your help, we can get it into the hands of all our girls, everywhere!

Download the app today. Share our empowering learning adventures with your family, friends and community. Give us a shout out on social to help create some empowering noise. And together - we will ignite the next generation of Girl leaders to be bold, fearLESS and undaunted architects of their destinies.

Stay FIERCE! With love,

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Zara’s Mom, Gamer Girl, Chief Girl Crusader & CEO at Royelles


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