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'Tis The Season for Gratitude

Greetings Girl Crusaders!

I feel fortunate and very blessed to have been raised by parents who encouraged me to my very best self and who did so by example. My mommy, a Pharmacist and Entrepreneur with the fiercest fashion sense ever ... coupled with my Daddy, a Pediatrician/Obstetrician/Global Health expert who also played an array of musical instruments - showed me the power that emerges when authenticity + confidence + purpose-driven determination intersect.

From when I was a little girl, I remember daddy telling me over and over again that I could be ANYthing I wanted to be - even President of the World (as he would put it)!

What mattered most, he said repeatedly, was my passion for the thing that I focused my time, energy and talent on. He stressed the importance of anchoring myself in something I truly cared about, that actually lit me up and made me happy. My dad’s wise words penetrated my soul, inspiring me to dream big, aim high and try everything! That inspiration has carried me through the most exciting and meaningful journey of firsts - including founding my technology company Royelles - the first Gaming platform focused on igniting Girls and non-binary individuals’ greatest potential in Leadership and STEAM.

As Chief Girl Crusader at Royelles, I hold on to a powerful truth: Gratitude moves mountains, parts seas, and creates miracles.

As we embark on the 2021 season of giving, I offer my deep gratitude for the original Girl Crusaders - my mommy and daddy 🔥🖤👑

I invite you to join me and a host of fierce Girl Crusaders from all over the world, in sharing in this miracle of gratitude - as we amplify our voices together in honor of the Girls in our lives!

This season, let's be intentional about the words that we speak over ourselves and over the lives of those in our trust and care.

Let’s TELL THEM what we see, when WE SEE THEM… the bold, brilliant, brave and beautiful humans that they are! Let them know… that when we see them… we see the Trailblazers, Change Makers, Ceiling Smashers and everyday Super(s)heros that they are.

Please use our hashtag #RoyellesRevolution as you put your messages out into the world. Together, let’s create a powerful, uplifting storm that ignites this next generation of Girl Leaders to be bold, fearless and undaunted architects of their destinies!

And if you haven’t already - Explore Royelles : Gaming For Girls (currently available in the app store for iPhone + iPad) for even more inspiration, empowerment and FUN! Help us ignite 1Million+ Girls and non-binary individuals’ greatest potential in Leadership + STEAM.

All Girls deserve to be bold, fearLESS and undaunted architects of their destinies. Thank you for being in their corner!

Stay FIERCE with Love,

Zara's Mom, Gamer Girl, Chief Girl Crusader & CEO at Royelles


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