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Royelles is a virtual universe created specifically for the girl in you and the girl in your life. We are re-imaging how girl gamers learn through interaction with inclusive narratives, inspiring personas and real-life role models.

Finally! A Gaming Company for Girls

Inner view of a futuristic vehicle

What We Do and Why

Mobile gaming is at the heart of the way Girls create, connect, learn and have fun. At Royelles, we understand parents and educators demands for MORE from gamified play, particularly for young Girls who are disproportionately impacted by limiting views of what is possible for them.


Our team has put a lot of care into ensuring that the FIRST EVER LEADERSHIP and STEAM-focused mobile app for Girls is built to make every moment she spends on her screen of choice inspiring, educational and FUN!


Our immersive learning adventures are anchored in fierce female avatar personas and real-life super(s)heros who inspire Girls to be bold, brave and brilliantly themselves.

Our Big Dream

We are on a mission to ignite the next generation of trailblazers, change makers, ceiling smashers and disruptors in Science, Tech, Engineering, the Arts and Math.


Join the Royelles Revolution! A global community of girl-gamers who understand that you are MORE than enough, just the way you are. 


Confidently embrace the qualities and characteristics that set you apart as different,… these are exactly what you need to make your special mark on the world.  


Know that Your difference is your superpower AND that infinite possibilities exist for you in Leadership and STEAM-focused life paths. 

Come Play with Us

Join us at an upcoming Royelles Revolution LIVE! - specially curated, virtual activations for gamers and their adult influencers with inspiring role models. We are offering Royelles Revolution LIVE! for FREE to partners, for the communities YOU serve.


Contact Us for more information.

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