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Create, Connect, Learn & Have Fun with Gameplay That Ignites Your Greatest Potential

Super(s)heros Rule!


Travel across the globe to take a peak into a Day in the Life of a REAL leader in Science, Tech, Engineering, the Arts or Math.

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Parent Portal


Gain invaluable insights. Create moments that matter. Send powerful Affirmations in real-time!

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AR Photos & Filters

Immersive Tech

Design your avatar to express your unique genius. Discover limitless possibilities in STEAM.

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With your help, we can reach 1Million+ girls in underserved communities where YOU live, work and play. Contact us with any leads to schools, influencers, groups, clubs and other mission-aligned organizations interested in partnering to rapidly impact as many girls as possible.

Help Us Impact 1Million+ Girls!

Royelles is the first-game based learning company focused on igniting GIRLS and non-binary individuals towards Leadership + STEAM life-path. Our mobile app-based learning adventures are powered by AR, AI and voice technologies. We are on a mission to empower 1million+ Girls to boldly architect their destines.

About US

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All Girls deserve to be bold, fearlESS and undaunted architects of their destinies. Immerse yourself in a virtual universe created specifically for GIRLS and non-binary individuals. Be the first to experience revolutionary learning adventures that ignite your greatest potential in Leadership + STEAM!

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We're Obsessed!

MARA Goes to Mars

Race against time on your rover to establish a base on the red planet, while avoiding being sucked into a black hole!  Go on exciting adventures that open a window to the possibilities that exist for you in Science, Tech, Engineering, the Arts and Math. Challenge yourself to think outside of the box.  Earn tokens that unlock unlimited fun.

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Inclusive Personas & Powerful Narratives Inspire Future Leaders

Ever wondered what if feels like to be the first female commander-in-chief of a nation?  Or how phenomenal leaders face their greatest fears to achieve their wildest, most radical dreams? Delve into stories about the fierce female personas of the Royelles world who with every interaction, remind you that you are MORE than enough, just the way you are; fully equipped to make your special mark on the world. 

Gaming Built Just For YOU

Boost your Confidence and Self worth! Immerse yourself in  a world where all girls are empowered to be bold, fearLESS and undaunted architects of their destinies... Where your difference is your SUPERPOWER!

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Royelles: Gaming For Girls

Igniting the next generation of trailblazers, change makers, ceiling smashers and disruptors in STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, the Arts, Math).


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